Extend Your Walking Path or Patio

Extend Your Walking Path or Patio

Concrete additions have never been easier in Laurel, MT

Has your family outgrown your patio? Perhaps you have a walking path that needs to be extended. Whatever the case, Clarks Fork Concrete LLC is here to help. Our Laurel, MT company provides concrete slab and addition services to give you the space you need. We reinforce all concrete additions with rebar for additional strength and durability.

Don't wait to get the concrete additions that you need. Take the first steps by calling 406-690-8845.

Discover the benefits of extending your home patio

When the warmer months hit, you'll want to spend more time on your patio. But what if it isn't as functional as it could be? Clarks Fork Concrete LLC has the perfect solution: a beautiful concrete addition.

Benefits of extending your patio include:

  • Getting more usable space for your family
  • Adding value to your property
  • Giving you entertainment options
  • Providing you with outdoor square footage

Give yourself the gift of usable outdoor living space. Call today to ask about concrete slab and extension options for your home.